• Elevating living standards through effective wastewater treatment

    Disposal of about 29000 MLD domestic sewage from various cities and towns, is the biggest source of pollution of India’s water bodies. There remain 302 Class I cities and 467 Class II towns without any sewage treatment facilities. There are currently 269 STPs, including 231 that are operational and 38 which are under construction.
    An estimated 11512 MLD sewage is generated from 302 Class I cities not having STPs and 2822 MLD sewage is generated from 467 Class II towns not having STPs. These figures beg for immediate action. Planning for adequate infrastructure for wastewater treatment would enable better management of available water resources and also act as an additional source of fresh water in water-deficient regions.
    Essel Infra is working relentlessly to provide solutions to reuse wastewater in the urban, municipal, and industrial environment.