With an aim to integrate all utilities, Essel Infra has brought Power, Water, and City Gas distribution under one umbrella brand called “Smart Utilities.” We utilize our sector expertise and technological advantage to provide world-class utility services with cost-efficient physical and social infrastructure, and continuously strive to nurture integrated smarter communities. Our goal is to touch lives in a smarter way as India's first 'integrated utilities' brand. We deliver state-of-the-art infrastructural solutions that are innovative, sustainable, and eco-friendly. We aim to transform the realm of aging public utility infrastructure into a modern, state-of-the-art domain.

Today, our Smart Utilities has a turnover of USD 412 million i.e INR 2,760 crore and has recently acquired power and water distribution licenses for major cities in the states of Bihar, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. It is our passion to deliver a 'UTILITY CALLED HAPPINESS’ in every Indian household by creating smarter cities through meticulous planning, designing, funding, and implementation of projects.

  • Power

    The power sector’s contribution to a nation’s economic growth hinges on the availability of a well-designed-and-developed infrastructure for production, channelization, and…

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  • Water

    There is an urgent need to develop, distribute, and manage water systems and resources, especially for potable applications in the remote areas. Smart Utilities is moving ahead…

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  • City Gas Distribution

    Natural gas is the best fuel choice in the recent times for added cost savings, reliability and comfort. Also, when it comes to essential household activities, it is a more…

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