Strong Foundations
Theme Based Development
We don’t believe in settling for anything but the best, and neither should the people of this nation. We’re laying a path for better lives and will only rest, when everyone gets the lifestyle they deserve

With the urban population in India predicted to double by 2025, there is a pressing need to invest further in urban infrastructure to accommodate the growing living needs. With a firm resolve to improve and enhance the urban infrastructure of our country, Essel Infraprojects Ltd. strives to create an environment where everyone gets the facilities and lifestyles they ought to have. We’ve embarked on an exciting journey to transform the façade of our nation with significant theme based projects. With the goal to change the country’s infrastructure for the better, Essel Infraprojects Ltd. is developing a number of projects. With projects of an order book value of USD 495 million i.e. close to 3,000 crores already in our portfolio, we have now resolved to undertake projects worth USD 1.6 billion i.e. close to 10,000 crores INR in capital expenditure.. Our unwavering vision of creating a better world to support happy living, urges us to develop modernized infrastructure in urban areas and provide a superior living experience to the people of this country, thus transforming this nation into a land that truly has it all.


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